After many years of teaching, coaching, learning collaboration, research and community enthusiasm, a group of early childhood educators seek to leverage local, regional and international expertise in order to invest in and especially support the implementation of The Project Approach in early learning settings across Missouri.

These educators are excited to launch Project Approach KC at the second annual Celebration of Learning on project work across Mid-America Head Start and Community Programs. Ongoing research in our local Kansas City community illuminates how Young Investigators and their teachers are growing, learning and thinking together.

Creating a Teacher-Leader Network for Highly Engaged Learning Environments

Project Approach KC is an early learning initiative to create awareness, education and advocacy for developing intellectual teaching, learning and coaching in early and primary classrooms. Research evidence suggests The Project Approach is a promising approach for increasing teachers' use of highly effective teaching strategies (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) and optimizing academic and social outcomes for early and young learners.