Projects in Action

This webpage contains summaries of projects from Project ABC2 and videos that represent teacher-child interactions during project work experiences.

The Project ABC2 teacher meets with preschool students to brainstorm about materials for creating a dumpster truck representational model in their project. Look for the ways in which she models advanced language for the children.

Advanced language strategies are evident when teachers use a variety of words (nouns, adjectives, adverbs...) and describe and map out ideas and meaning for children.

Teachers can begin and revisit project conversations during play time to support children's thinking about the project topic.

Small groups are appropriate settings for a read aloud. Listen to the strategies the teacher uses to build thinking and readiness for the shared project activity.

Using language modeling to facilitate a small group read aloud

  • asking open ended questions
  • define or map concepts
  • repeat and extend children's responses
  • encourage conversations

Conversations that support back and forth thinking about a project topic.