Coaching Took Kit

One goal of the Project ABC2 was to provide a teaching tool kit for early childhood program staff either implementing The Project Approach or supporting its implementation. The Coaching Tool Kit sections provide information and considerations for working as an effective coach in early childhood settings. Each webpage under Coaching Tool Kit can be accessed from the upper tool bar or through the links below.

This section provides details about the kinds of interpersonal skills that assist coaches in creating productive atmospheres for coaching.

This section provides details about the coaching model, five evidence based coaching practices described in The Early Childhood Coaching Handbook (Rush and Shelden, 2014), used in Project ABC2 .

Coaching tools and resources are highlighted at this link.

As coaches deepen their work with teachers, they help assist teachers in thinking and reflecting deeply. This section provides video examples of coaches and teachers interacting in reflective dialogue.

Coaches often work to balance the complexity of the classroom and programs as they work with teachers. There are issues that frequently are navigated by skillful coaches. This section provides insights and lesson learned from one Project ABC2 coach.